MacGregor Fair

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Picture and Video Guidelines


  • You are required to take 4 photographs to submit for judging:

      • Left side profile 
      • Right Side profile
      • Front picture
      • Rear picture
  • Plain leather, web or rope halter may be used. Your halter doesn't have to be expensive but it should fit well.
  • Place your horse in an area with good lighting and in a simple background with little clutter or distraction.
  • Try to keep the person holding the horse out of the shot. For profile and rear pictures, it is acceptable to tie the horse.
  • Make sure your horse is clean and well-groomed.
  • Do your best to get your horse's ears up and alert. Do something that will get your horse's interest, but not spook it. Some people throw grass or sand in the air, lead        another horse in front of your horse, or make a funny noise.
  • Place your horse's entire body, including its head, at a 90-degree angle to the camera for profile shots. Be sure to stand your horse on level ground to ensure that its        proportions appear accurate in the photos.
  • Ensure there are not shadows covering the pictures of the horse
  • Make sure your horse isn't so far away that it's hard for the judge to see.
  • Get your horse to stand square.

Video Guidelines

  • Ensure videos are in focus and clear
  • Do not take from too far away so each maneuver is clearly visible
  • Patterns all outline where the videographer should stand 
  • Depending on your internet service, videos may be slow uploading, ensure you give yourself lots of time