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2024 Board of Directors

Introducing the North Norfolk and District Agricultural Society's Dedicated Volunteer Board of Directors for the MacGregor Fair. 

Nestled within the  heart of Manitoba lies the annual MacGregor Fair, a cherished celebration of agriculture, community, and tradition. At the helm of this event stands a group of devoted individuals who selflessly give their time and expertise to ensure its success - the Volunteer Board of Directors of the North Norfolk and District Agricultural Society.


Comprising of passionate members deeply rooted in our agricultural heritage, the 2024 Board of Directors embodies the essence of community spirit and dedication to rural life. Their tireless efforts throughout the year culminate in the vibrant festivities and cherished traditions of the MacGregor Fair.

From organizing captivating livestock exhibitions and showcasing the bounty of our local farms to orchestrating thrilling entertainment and educational activities, our board members work tirelessly to create an enriching experience for visitors and residents alike.

As we eagerly anticipate the upcoming MacGregor Fair, let us extend our deepest gratitude to the extraordinary individuals who comprise our Volunteer Board of Directors. Their unwavering dedication and passion for preserving our agricultural heritage ensure that the MacGregor Fair continues to be a beacon of tradition, unity, and pride for our community.

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Meet The Team

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